Connect Skype to your Cisco UC videoconference system

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Cisco Unified Communications connected to Skype Video Calls
Cisco Unified Communications represents the whole IP telephony portfolio from Cisco natively enabling voice-data & Video in the corporate environment.
As Cisco UC 500 Cisco and Cisco UC Manager Express series provide affordable, easy-to-manage communications systems for small and medium businesses, Cisco Unified Communication Manager (formerly known as Cisco Unified CallManager) is the powerful call-processing component of the Cisco Unified Communications system for large and enterprise customers.
Paired with Imagicle UC3 Applications, as SkyStone Video is, the Cisco UC System enabling the ultimate Unified Communications Solutions for your company.
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Receiving Video Calls from Skype users 
It is possible to add a ‘video call us’ button on the website to publish the Skype account for being contacted directly on Cisco phones from Skype.
SkyStone Video can manage multiple calls on the same Skype account, leveraging the first available channel, depending on the number of licensed channels.
SkyStone can be configured with the extension to contact when receiving a call on the company Skype account (ex: imagicle -> 1000@
If the phone's extension does not support video, the call is setup with audio only and the Skype user gets a static configurable image. The extension can then hold, transfer, conference the call as a regular call: if transferred to a video enabled phone, the call is then setup with audio and video, fully integrated with the Cisco UC video capabilities.
It is also possible to configure mapping between personal Skype accounts and employee's video phones (ex: bob -> 2001@, mike -> 2002@, so the incoming videocall from a Skype user will be automatically routed to the extension of the desired contact.
Supporting Cisco Jabber as endpoint, It is also possible to get calls from Skype directly to a Jabber client!


Placing Video Calls to Skype users
It is possible to call any Skype user in the world configuring the specific speed dial in SkyStone (available from fall 2012).
The Speed dials map dialed numbers to Skype accounts (ex: 8301 -> imagicle): there must be a route from Cisco to SkyStone for sending all calls starting with a prefix (ex: 8XXX).
Supporting Cisco Jabber as endpoint, It is also possible place a call from Jabber to a Skype account!
Connect Skype to your videoconference system

  • Simple H.323 trunk between SkyStone and Cisco UC platform
  • G.711-G.729 codec for audio and H.264-H.263 CIF (half VGA) for video
Supported platforms
  • Communication Manager 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.0-9.1
  • Communications Manager Business Edition 6000 8.6, 9.0-9.1
  • HCS 8.6, 9.0-9.1
  • Communication Manager Express 4.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
  • UC 500 4.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x

Supported phone models
  • Cisco Jabber
  • 69xx with Video Advantage
  • 79xx with Video Advantage
  • 7985 Video Phones
  • 89xx Video Phones
  • 99xx Video Phones
  • 9971 Video Phones

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